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Fur, Faux pas?

Posted in Uncategorized by la vie de emie on December 20, 2009

Michael Kor’s recent pre-Fall 2010 runway show featured models in furs of various dye colors. Originally serving a a source of clothing for hominoids including the Neanderthal, fur has become a stable in modern society.  However, the fashion of wearing fur is something that I have wrestled over for the past decade.

Before the turn of the 21st century and at my young age, I primarily associated fur with R&B artist “J-Lo”, with her seemingly excessive and over the top lifestyle.  Lopez’s heavy gold jewelry, white based outfits and heavy furs certainly did not suite my fancy, for instead I was a frequent flyer at the innocent yet over priced Limited Too.  Needless to say, the pop star was not an inspiration for anything on my Christmas list at the time.

Years later I began watching old films and realized that I had at come to link fur with a contemporary famous person, rather than the women who epitomized classic glamour.  Dripping in diamonds and oozing in gumption, actresses like Ingrid Bergman and Katharine Hepburn sported fur shawls, coats, and wraps.

My deep seeded bias of a mink coat as a R&B style has internally battled that of America’s mid century leading ladies.  The other day, while fighting the holiday crowds and feverishly skimming through the racks of Forever 21, a relatively affordable (faux) fur vest caught my eye. I whipped it out and held it in front of my beige lace top. Goodbye gaudy, hello chic!