Girl in the Black Beret

An Absence of Color.

Posted in Uncategorized by la vie de emie on December 14, 2009

I sit here contemplating why I have allowed myself to become to attached to a little black hat. The other day I left it on my seat at a restaurant and when I realized, my heart starting beating a mile a minute and I rushed back to retrieve it.  Perhaps it has some deep symbolism for who I am as a person? Okay, maybe I am getting carried away.

I type ‘ black beret’ into flickr. Everything I adore appears on to the screen: the rainy streets of Paris, beautiful black and white photography, dark shadows and sunny mornings, indie female guitar/ vocalists, the runway. I suppose my look does define me/ my interests.

In terms of black, ah, I do love it. There’s got to be an unwritten law somewhere out in the universe that it is the absolutely the most flattering and stylish color that exists.  Well, to be artistically accurate, the absence of color. I’ve been told plenty times before that I wear a lot of black.  Where one might question their psyche or perhaps sanity, I find no issue with this statement.  Besides the fact that it always looks lovely (and takes off about ten pounds), I can pair a black dress or shirt and slacks with my bevy of European scarves, array of knit hats, mishmash of clutches and not to forget, my shoe collection. Also ,with black associated with beautiful, chic, iconic women such as Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, there must be some truth behind its loveliness.


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